About Us


What started in 2011 as a hobby - supplying my 4 nieces with food for their American Girl dolls - has transformed into one of the fastest growing 18 inch doll food companies in the United States.  We take great pride in our commitment to customer service, and in our ability to offer a safe, affordable and REALISTIC product that provides countless hours of fun and imaginative play!   

While I love to draw and paint, I'm elated to have found my true niche as a polymer clay artist. With the help of my husband, Mike, we've been able to reach heights I never imagined when I started making food for our girls.  It brought me such joy to see how much fun they had while playing with my food and how they couldn't wait to show all of their friends. They kept insisting to me that they are the harshest critics and if they loved it, "everyone would love it!" So, after much trial & error and hours upon hours of honing and perfecting my craft, I began selling my food for 18" dolls online on Etsy, KatiesCraftations.com and at many different shows around Ohio. The response has been beyond overwhelming! I would never have imagined that I would be selling my doll food in several different stores, and that my miniatures would end up in over 2,000 homes across the country in less than a year and a half...Fast forward to present day and I now HANDCRAFT over 50,000 INDIVIDUAL PIECES A YEAR!!!  

For nearly 7 years now, we've worked tirelessly to help bring your children, grandchildren & nieces the same joy that we witnessed from our girls.  If you have ever worked with Mike or I, you'll quickly learn we are different for one main reason: we GENUINELY care.  It's important to us that your items are realistic & crafted with the most extreme care and attention to detail. We care about making a product that is durable enough to handle normal everyday use and be played with for years . . . We care about the quality of the items we offer, the safety of our products, and we're focused on providing the best possible customer service at all times. Most importantly, we care about helping to bring a little extra happiness to your life!!!